Wednesday, March 2, 2011


14:30 GMT, 2 March, 63�08.8 S 058�44.5 W

You may recall that we searched (unsuccessfully) for a seal CTD tag
while we were anchored in Maxwell Bay for repairs during the first leg.
The tag was found recently by Korean scientists based in Maxwell Bay.
Yesterday we were in the neighborhood and stopped at the Korean base to
pick up the tag. About half of us went ashore for a quick visit. We had
difficulty finding a place to land the zodiac because a recent storm had
blown a lot of ice onto the shore surrounding the base. When we
eventually found a path through the ice, the Koreans picked us up in a
snow-cat type vehicle (with belts instead of wheels--like you see on the
slopes at ski resorts). When we entered the main building, we took off
our boots and were provided slippers, Korean-style. We only had about an
hour, so we had tea and a quick tour of the base (which was very nice--
everything was top-of-the-line). Among the highlights was a hydroponic
grow-room (so they have fresh greens). 11 Scientists and crew will spend
the (southern) winter there. They also have an amateur radio station
that I hope to make contact with from my boat. The Moana Wave was
running short of toilet paper, so we traded some soy milk for enough TP
to last us the rest of the cruise.

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  1. +rep for the hydroponic grow room. sounds like an interesting visit after some time at sea, one that you will remember everytime you wipe.