Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still in Suva

But today I went to the Ministry of Fijian Affairs and secured a permit to sail to the outer islands. The tentative plan is to head down in a couple of days to Beqa Island (the one with Frigates Reef) then Kadavu Island (of the Great Astrolabe Reef fame). After that...not sure. I hope to visit one or more of the islands in the Lau Group which are said to be the most remote and undeveloped (I sailed right through the Lau Group on the way to Suva but couldn't stop because there is no port of entry there). In the mantime Suva is a cool town. Quite un-touristy, multicultural, vibrant.


  1. Hola Lars,
    It's good to hear you are doing well. Here is a stupid question that I could probably search in wikipedia: what is the language in Fiji? do you get to pick up some of the local languages in the islands you are visiting? Hope all is well. We all miss you. Cati-

  2. Hey Lars,
    Can't believe I missed your call. I keep up with your trip often and am excited to see you live your dream. I look forward to seeing you sometime soon, I am hoping to be in Australia in December and will try to find you then. Take care we are all thinking of you on your adventure. Ed and the family

  3. I have tried to learn a few phrases. The various polynesian languages are similar enough to make that a little confusing. Almost everyone speaks English in the western side of Polynesia/Melanesia (at least where I've been), so communication is not a problem.