Friday, October 7, 2011

Soggy Suva

     I think it has rained every day I've been in Suva. My laundry has been hanging out to dry for over a week. I wonder what it's like during the rainy season. All the rain aside, I like Suva. Food is good and cheap. There is the traditional Fijian fare--cassava, taro root, taro leaves with coconut milk--and indian food--curried everything often wrapped in roti bread.
guard at presidential palace
     You can get anything repaired here. People in Fiji are poor by western standards, so things don't get thrown away when the break. I've gotten my backpack (zippers replaced), cell phone, and shoes repaired. The shoe repair stalls are especially numerous.
     I had planned to be surfing off the west coast of Viti Levu today, but my efforts to get to Nadi yesterday were derailed. Oh well, there is a surf break at the entrance to Suva Harbor that I hope to try out today.
Monday the 10th is Fiji Day which is the day Fiji became independent of Great Britain in 1970.
     My plan is to set sail for New Zealand around the 20th of October depending on the weather forecast. The 1100 mile passage to NZ will probably be the roughest of my Pacific crossing. I expect it to take about 10 days.

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