Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cruising The Bay Of Island

My friend Gary from (the sailboat) La Cueca has been cruising the Bay Of Islands (BOI) with Twister and me for the last several days. We've been spearfishing, collecting mussels, snorkeling, and, of course, sailing. The BOI is only ca 10x10 miles, but has an abundance of lovely bays and coves (no matter which way the wind blows, you'll find a sheltered anchorage). Yesterday we sailed to Deep Water Cove where the wreck of the HMNZS Canterbury sits in 12 to 38 meters. We snorkeled the wreck for about 40 minutes, only reaching the top of the wreck since we didn't have scuba gear. There are three mooring buoys attached to the wreck which is convenient (it's too deep to anchor nearby). 
Back aboard Twister, a NZ fisheries boat came by to inform us that fishing is not allowed in Deep Water Cove. Therefore we sailed to nearby Oke Bay. After anchoring we went for a swim, and Gary shot his second Porae (a NZ fish) which was just the right size for dinner. 

We've also been spending some time with Wattie and Di (who are on the boat Cariad), anchored off Moturua Island (where we are anchored as I write this), as well as Wattie's daughter and family who are renting a cabing (bach, pronounced "batch", in Kiwi vernacular) on the island. 

As I'm nearing NZ's North Cape, I've been contemplating the passage down the west coast (with a little trepidation I'll admit). The weather forecast looks good for a Saturday morning departure from the BOI. If things go according to plan, I will be sailing into Raglan 3-4 days later.  

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