Sunday, February 12, 2012

Onward Southward

I plan to sail out of Raglan Harbor this afternoon (Monday Feb 13 on this side of the date line) with the high tide. Next stop--Nelson on the northern end of the South Island. This passage will take me south of latitude 40 S which I had not planned on crossing when I left California in April. The forecast is for favorable winds most of the way and some rain (I may have to beat into 25 knot winds the last 12 hours). I've had an enjoyable stay in Raglan, surfing, camping, throwing the frisbee. Pics to come. I expect the passage to Nelson to take 3 days. After Nelson, the journey continues through the fearsome Cook Strait and northward along the North Island's east coast.
My latest epiphanoid: 'Tis better to have snoozed and lost than never to have snoozed at all.

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  1. Good luck, Lars! Always great to hear from you when you've landed in safe harbor. Let us know. Miss you a lot down here in San Diego!

    Love ya,