Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Re: Waiting in the lee of Elephant Island

16:30 GMT, 22 February, 60�11.9 S 054�43.5 W (about 55 nautial miles
north of Elephant and Clarence Islands).

The rough weather lasted about 1.5 days. We recorded wind gusts up to 94
knots which is the highest I have ever experienced. Well, I was inside
when it blew that much, so I guess I didn't really experience it. We
started working again Sunday evening, so we pretty much had the weekend
off. This morning the Tucker Trawl had some technical difficulties (so
I've had most of the day off), but it looks like it will be fixed by
this evening. Sunday evening as we were leaving the lee of Elephant
Island, the weather cleared, the sun came out, and we were treated to an
unobstructed view of the mountains on both Elephant and Clarence Island,
which I'm told is a rare occurence (low-hanging clouds have been the
norm during my time down here). It certainly was something to see. Snow
covers Elephant Island's Mount Elder and descends all the way to the
ocean via several glacers. It looks like it could be quite a ride on a

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