Friday, February 18, 2011

Tucker Trawl

20:30 GMT, 17 February, 61�20.8 S 054�27.2 W (between Elephant and
Clarence Islands).
The Tucker Trawl has been trucking for about 24 hours and seems to be
working well. So far we've been using two of possible three nets--both
with 0.5 mm mesh for catching zooplankton. The IKMT (Isaac Kidds
Midwater Trawl) net is also being towed immediately before and in the
same area to compare the Tucker with IKMT. Eventually we will use only
the Tucker Trawl, and a third, larger-mesh net will be added to catch
Apparently one picture daily is uploaded from the ship and posted online
Please let me know if the link is incorrect.

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