Monday, August 13, 2012

In The Ice Again

61° ' S 54° 12' W (southeast of Elephant Island). 23:50 GMT, Sun Aug 12
In open water, the temperature is never more than a degree or two below
freezing (just like the summer), but when we are in the ice, the temp
drops to -15 to -18 °C--an impressive demonstration of the
temperature-buffering capacity of liquid water. We've spent the last 24
hours or so back in the ice but not so thick that we have to back and
ram to move. A couple of hours ago we completed probably our last
net-tow in the ice. We are now transiting northeast to the next sampling
station (and away from the ice). We only have a few more days of work
and the word around the coffee machine is that we'll be heading back to
Punta Arenas a day or two early to avoid a depression (storm) forecast
to come our way.

I've thoroughly enjoyed myself on AMLR again, and being here in the
winter has been amazing. The sea-icescape is mesmerizing and
awe-inspiring. It's so stark and beautiful and so obviously hostile to
human life.

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