Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out Of The Drake Passage

We went passed through  around The Straits of Le Maire sometime in the night and are
now slowly (not going the normal cruising speed of 10-11 knots because
we have to wait for the Chilean pilot we're required to have aboard to
go through The Straits Of Magellan) making our way up the east coast of
Tierra Del Fuego towards the eastern entrance to The Straits Of
Magellan. I'm attaching a photo (taken by the zooplankton team leader,
Kim) of one of my favorite amphipods (among my favorites because I think
they look cool and are easy to identify), Primno macropa. We typically
find a few but rarely more than a few, in most of the net tows. Two days
ago, we had the roughest seas of this crossing. In fact it was quite
comfortable. It was "only" blowing 45 to 53 knots and we had the wind
blowing from almost directly behind us (which is much better than having
it on the nose, both on motor and sailing vessels). We are scheduled to
arrive Punta Arenas (PA) the morning of August 18. We'll probably spend
most of that day packing up and unloading equipment.

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