Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My norwegian phone number:  +47 41152200.  Photos from Norway and North Sea.

Twister in Bergen
Twister arrived Ebbesvik, Sotra (near Bergen), Norway the afternoon of Tuesday August 27 after a 4-day passage across The North Sea from Inverness, Scotland. We spent the better part of the first 24 hours becalmed, so since Bridget had a flight to catch in Norway, on day 2 we decided to set a course directly for Norway. After a bit of motoring, we finally found the southerly winds the GRIBs had been promising and the rest of the passage was incredibly pleasant (though the nights were a little chilly), even flying the A-sail for a good portion of the journey. The North Sea is littered with oil and gas platforms (the source of Norway's wealth) and we actually had to zig-zag a little to avoid some of them. It seems the North Sea is also full of Mackrell. We caught a few and also lost a few along the way.



  1. Holy Mackrell you made it! (Bad pun?) Seriously though, Congratulations! It's been a lot of fun following you along your trip. I'm sure you're happy to stay put for a while, but looking forward to see where the wind brings you next.

  2. Hey Lars....wow, a long way from Vanuatu. When are you heading back to the South Pacific? ;-)

    Drop me an email, need to catch up. Cheers buddy.
    James in Vanuatu.

  3. Gratulerer med heimkomsten, kos deg på Vestlandet! Dana

  4. Flotte bilder frå Sotra, lenge sidan eg har vore der no, flott du fekk tatt turen på Fløyen og kjøpt skinkeost osv!