Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Drake Passage

Th 13 January 08:31. 56 deg 42 min S, 63 deg 10 min W. We are now in
the Drake Passage about halfway from Punta Arenas to our first stop in
Admiralty Bay on King George Island. The weather continues to be very
nice. It's now overcast, but winds are only blowing 10 to 18 knots and
the swells are around 8 feet. I'm learning a little bit of zooplankton
taxonomy and am enjoying getting to know my shipmates, three of which
have sailboats of their own. The food is delicious and plentiful.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lars!
    I envy you. Have a nice voyage and send regards to the penguins when you meet them. Geir Olav