Saturday, January 15, 2011

Land Ho!

08:30, 61 deg 54 min S, 57 deg 26 min W
This morning I awoke to sunny skies, relatively calm seas, and King
George Island 25 miles off our starboard bow. The first iceberg was
spotted at 07:15, so I did not win the iceberg pool. We had a rough-
ish crossing of the Drake Passage with 30-45 knot winds and 15-25 foot
swells from at least two different directions; several folks were more
or less incapacitated. About 15 cape petrels have been our constant
companions for the last two days. This afternoon we'll enter Admiralty
Bay on King George Island and drop off some people and supplies to a
field camp where they'll be studying seals, penguins, and other
creatures. Tomorrow we head to another field camp on Livingston Island
to drop off people and supplies. My job collecting and identifying
zooplankton will probably start Monday the 16th.

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