Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On our way to Maxwell Bay

11:30 GMT 26 January 62�35.05 S 055�36.20 W

Hopefully I didn't sound too dramatic in the last post. We are doing
well, but the zooplankton net tows and most of the other science has
stopped for now. We are on our way to Maxwell Bay on King George
Island. At our current pace of 5.5 knots we will be there in 17 hours.
In Maxwell Bay there is a Chilean army base with an airstrip, and we
will await some engineers and parts that will arrive by airplane. The
plan is to get the rudder fixed there and continue with our research
cruise. It will probably be a few days before we are ready to do that,
though. Currently the seas and winds are calm and there are numerous
icebergs in the water. One we just passed had a group of penguins on
it. We will have a few days of leisure time and aside from taking
pictures of icebergs, we have a cribbage (a card game) tournament
going. I am currently tied 1 to 1 in a best of 3, first round match.

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