Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mamanuca Islands

Twister is back in Vuda Point for a day to drop off Soko and pick up Gary (Gaz). Soko and I had a great time cruising around some of the resort islands of the Mamanuca (c = th) group. We stopped at Treasure, Beachcomber, Malolo, Malolo Lailai (home of Musket Cove Yacht Club), and Tavarua Islands. It was interesting to see another side of Fiji (the touristy side). We went to Solevu village on Malolo where Soko got to visit with an auntie she hadn't seen in 20 years or so. Another highlight was a fullmoon party with some other yachties on a sandbar that is only uncovered at low tide (full moon = extreme tides). Our little island gradually disappeared as the tide came in and when the bonfire was washed away, everyone had to take to their dinghies and the party was over.
Today Gaz and I will sail out to Namotu Island where we plan to post up for a week of surfing, diving, and fishing.  Latest photos from Fiji.
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